Let's get rid of all the distractions, non-essentials, and shiny objects and focus on what will make the biggest difference for you.

If you're committed, fill out the High Performance Application on this page. Let's figure out if you'd be a good fit and give you a taste of what's possible together!

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Imagine this:

It's today 3 years from now and you pick up the phone to call your best friend, telling them about how these last 3 years have been the best of your life. What would you be telling them?

Maybe something like:

"I got to create deeper, more passionate relationships with my loved ones than ever before. During our conversations, we get to share our true thoughts and feelings with each other."

"I finally achieved a breakthrough in my career: I'm creating real value and profits doing what I genuinely love. I also have way more influence with my team members and our customers."

"I just have way more energy and feel fresh until the very end of the day. My health's better than it has ever been!"


"I finally got clear about who I am and what I value. Now I have goals that truly inspire me and that make me leap out of bed with excitement every morning."

"These constant moments of stress and overwhelm just aren't that big of a deal anymore. I know what matters and what doesn't. I make decisions accordingly. And even if stress and overwhelm come up, I have practices to quickly turn them around."

"Holy sh*t [your best friend's name], my life finally feels like it's making sense. It feels like all the effort is worth it. I just feel better."

Now—why do so few people ever get to make calls like that?

Because it takes work and commitment—consistently.

You need to know and master the habits of the most accomplished and fulfilled people in the world—we call these the High Performance Habits—so you can follow in their footsteps.

And it also takes having a coach in your corner.

Someone with a proven process to teach you these High Performance Habits. Someone who's cheering you on and keeping accountable—especially when things get hard. Someone to ask you tough questions, to challenge your beliefs, and to expect you to take action on what we know will make your life better.

You need someone to consistently explore your honest struggles and ambitions. Someone who will say things to you no one else would ever dare to say so that you can bring out the best in yourself.

And what if you don't have these pillars in play?

You're simply not going to progress as quickly as you could be. And, given that our time to really make positive changes happen for ourselves, our loved ones, and our communities is limited, isn't that just a catastrophe?

Now think about YOUR life.

Where are you struggling right now? Where are you not making progress as quickly as you want to be?

How about your health? Do you have the levels of physical and mental energy you desire?

What about your career? Do you feel like you're making a real difference? Are you staying focused and productive consistently?

Are you lacking influence and persuasion skills in the most important relationships of your life—with your family, team, and customers?

What about your emotions—how you feel? Do you feel joy and meaning as you go through your days? Are you proud of the life you're building? Or do you miss the pulse and vibrancy that comes from consistent growth and positive challenge?

If this is your time to make real positive changes and accelerate your progress, I'm here to serve you.

I'm going to share with you the strategies, habits, questions, and frameworks that the world's highest performers use to create results in the categories above that go beyond any standard norms.

Let's make sure you get to make this call!

It all starts with our High Performance Strategy Session:

Let’s hop on the phone, Zoom, or Skype and see how I can help you.

To begin, and to see if you qualify, just follow these instructions right now:

1. Simply click one of the buttons on this page and fill out the High Performance questionnaire/application* for your 90-minute High Performance Strategy Session.
[GER] Für die deutschprachige Bewerbung ebenfalls einfach einen der Buttons auf dieser Seite verwenden!

*It will only take about 20 minutes but clients have reported that just filling out the application has resulted in significant insights and more clarity!

2. Once I review your application and determine you’re a good fit, I'll follow up with you and we'll schedule your 1-on-1 Strategy Session!

I’m looking forward to working with you - I KNOW what this has done for so many people, and am excited for how we can help you, too!

Let’s make this your breakthrough year.

Lukas Kramer,

Certified High Performance Coach™

Apply Now for Your High Performance Strategy Session
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Karyn Buxman
Neurohumorist, TEDx Speaker and Member of the Speaker Hall of Fame

"Inspiring. Passionate. Compassionate. High Performer. Wise beyond his years. Lukas is a rising star and I know he’s going to make the world a better place, inspiring people to find their purpose. Proud to call him colleague and friend. I highly recommend Lukas to anyone looking for a High Performance Coach."

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Paul Gowin
Founder & CEO of the Take Command Project

"Lukas has an approach to coaching that is firmly rooted in his own personal development journey. Lukas has a robust regimen of reading, receiving coaching from others, and results from his applied efforts. This positions him to uniquely serve people of all ages, positions of leadership, and locations around the world. I strongly recommend you to apply to work with him today.”

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Lauren Ritchie
"Lukas coached me through the 12-week High Performance Coaching program and did a phenomenal job in helping me to raise the bar in my life and career. He is incredibly insightful, passionate, and committed to making a difference in people's lives. Lukas challenged me throughout the 12 weeks and ensured that each week, I had manageable and tactical steps to move me towards my goals and next level of success. I highly recommend him."


Apply for Your High Performance Strategy Session
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Nicole Volz

"Dear Lukas,
the last months with you as my coach by side have been and are a real enrichment to my life.

Much has changed picked up serious pace. I’ve been able to implement my ideas step-by-step thanks to our sessions — with more focus, clarity, productivity, courage & energy.

To get in touch with myself, to put the focus on myself and my inner truth has been the biggest gift you have created with me, Lukas.

Bit by bit, I released self-inflicted shackles. I managed to feel and live a big part of my longed wished-for desire for inner freedom and lightness — of levitating through life.

That makes me endlessly happy and I meet every day, that I get to enjoy with full happiness, health, and joy with gratitude, mindfulness, and lots of compassion.

WOW - what a breakthrough to be more and more in flow with yourself.

Lukas, it is hard to put my gratitude into words. I consider myself lucky to have you as my companion by my side."

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Charly Caldwell II.
Founder of Internet Services Group of Florida & Life and Business Success Group

“Quickly becoming the Germany’s Brendon Burchard by inspiring the people of our beautiful world to live purposefully!"

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