#13 Andrew Lawless: Getting Through Life’s Darkest Times, Breaking Habits That Are Holding You Back, and the One Question That Will Transform Your Life & Business

podcast Feb 23, 2021


"It takes just as much effort to build a big dream as it takes to build a small dream. It's all made up!"

— Andrew Lawless


Andrew Lawless (teamlawless.comis a Certified High Performance Coach™ who specializes in helping executives and business owners transform their teams. He has offices in Galway, Ireland, and in Austin, TX. He is certified in Kolbe Wisdom, Strategic Intervention, and High-Performance Coaching.

Andrew brings a unique track record in executive and operations management, sales management, personal development, and behavioral sciences. His accomplishments include managing a corporate turn-around of Berlitz in Central & Eastern Europe to transforming the World Bank’s global approach to disseminating its analytical work.

Andrew is a Finalist for the prestigious Kolbe Professional award. He discussed his work with the Obama White House and testified before the US Senate on the importance of professional development for the US economic security. He served as a trainer and consultant to the FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit. He is a former adjunct professor at the University of Maryland.


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00:00 — Intro

03:52 — Andrew’s superpower #1: The attitude of service

08:20 — Andrew’s superpower #2: Going through job/project-transitions and becoming successful within weeks

14:03 — How Andrew got to do interview Bill Gates and the one piece of advice he shouldn’t have taken from him

18:17 — Andrew turning things around with his last 20 Deutsche Mark left

25:12 — Losing it all again and getting out of the darkest valleys: Resentment vs. Ownership

35:15 — The biggest turnaround in the crisis of 2008/09 after Andrew couldn’t afford an ice cream cone for his son

40:01 — The start of Andrew’s coaching business

43:19 — Andrew’s observations about why people fail — how to stop your old habits from pulling you back and create new ones 

51:41 — How Andrew broke patterns holding him back and how you can, too. (“Everything’s made up!”)

01:04:08 — Take advantage of the access and opportunities of our times to the full.

01:06:38 — Asking how you can help vs. helping right away

01:13:49 — How Andrew changed his mindset around money 

01:21:38 — Final Thoughts


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