#19 Lakshmi Natarajan on Courage, Leading (Corporate) Teams Successfully, and Raising Your Kids to Become Global Citizens

podcast Apr 20, 2021


"20 years from now, what are the things I would regret not doing?"

— Lakshmi Natarajan


Lakshmi Natarajan (travelplusthem.com) is an Indian-American corporate executive, entrepreneur, consultant, world traveler, advisory board member, and most importantly, a daughter, wife, and mother. Lakshmi has over 20 years of experience as a corporate executive and has worked in leadership positions across marketing, sales, strategy, and consulting with companies like American Express, Accenture, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), Compass, and numerous clients in various industries.  

She recently founded two businesses: Travel Plus Them, a coaching and education company focused on helping families raise global citizens, and Excelador, a business consulting and advisory firm. She has traveled to over 60 countries, over 30 with her young children. Lakshmi's motivation to build her businesses was born from her strengths, experiences, and life priorities. She reached a point where she was unable to give 100% to any aspect of her life—career, family, or herself. 

This is something many people, especially mothers, can relate to—wondering if there is something better out there that integrates life values and priorities. Her insights on the path to entrepreneurship, family travel, and raising global citizens have been featured in New York Weekly, Los Angeles Wire, Miami Wire, and US Reporter. 

Lakshmi believes in children experiencing and appreciating the world’s diversity and inspiring other moms on their journey to raising inclusive global citizens. She currently resides in Miami, FL with her husband and her 2 daughters.


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00:00 — Intro 

04:18 — Lakshmi’s unstoppable can-do attitude

14:25 — “When I was growing up, I was the only person looking like me.” … how Lakshmi built her confidence

24:56 — Qualities & skills that set Lakshmi apart in her corporate career

36:00 — How Lakshmi led a corporate sales team in the pharmaceutical industry

47:41 — Why Lakshmi made the shift from her corporate career into entrepreneurship

55:56 — “What has been your biggest challenge in transitioning into entrepreneurship?”

01:09:39 — What distinguishes a great mission from a ‘fake’ mission?

01:19:55 — TravelPlusThem’s mission to inspire parents and young children to raise global citizens and deepen engagement with the world

01:33:16 — Lessons learned from our episode — dealing with tech-hickups and staying pro.


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